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Peek Behind The Scenes Of My Full-Time Business Model Selling PLR

Proven Tactics For Earning More, Building Your Business Faster, And Rising Above The Competition

My name’s Ruth and I’ve been working for myself full time since 2008. After starting in ghostwriting, and trying a million and one other business models without success, I eventually began selling PLR 2 years ago, and I now make a full time income writing on my own schedule.

Before I even get started, I’m not going to pretend that running a successful PLR business is easy. It isn’t.

I will tell you, however, that PLR is the most rewarding thing I have done in my online career. What sets it apart from other business models is that the work you do in the beginning really pays off.

Eventually, you can work just a few hours a week on your PLR and still know that you’ll have enough income month after month.

Why You Need PLR Insider Secrets

When I started my PLR business two years ago, there was nobody to help me. I had to figure things out on my own.

You can benefit from the hundreds of hours I’ve put into my own PLR business and skip the roadblocks that commonly stop people from even bothering.

PLR Insider Secrets has been written for beginners and experienced PLR sellers alike.

It’s not a full step-by-step blueprint that covers the nuts and bolts of setting up your PLR store on WordPress… instead, this is an insider look at the tactics I personally use to generate more income from every PLR pack I release, and the motivation behind selling PLR.

Inside this no-fluff, 30 page report you’ll discover:

  How I turned one new PLR pack release into $1000+ in one day,

 Why articles aren’t all you should offer as a PLR seller,

 3 methods I use to earn more affiliate commission – and why you should promote your competition,

 How you can use PLR to create 3+ distinct income streams,

 6 tricks I personally use to get my affiliates to do the hard work for me,

 The snowball effect that makes PLR easier and easier as time goes on, to the point where income is guaranteed.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

For a limited time only, you can get all of my insider tips (all of them based on real experience) for just a few dollars!

Why so low? Quite honestly because I want to make this easily available to you, but don’t think it means that I don’t want you to work hard at making it work!

Also know that I am always here from you. If you’ve ever emailed me about selling PLR before, you know that I really want to see you succeed! I will never leave you in the dark.

Here’s to a business that you can run on your own terms!


PS. The price will be going up in future. Once you read the report, you’ll see that it’s worth many times more than the few dollars I’m charging. So grab it at this rockbottom price today!

And, yes, there is an upsell! But it’s simply PLR rights to this valuable PLR report, so you absolutely don’t need to buy it to benefit from what’s in here.